Chiang Mai street markets

Street markets are set up over the city selling stuff like fake brand name clothing, tourist trinkets (magnets and such), arts and crafts, food/snacks, and even tailors. We walked around some of them, but they go on for blocks and blocks so it can take quite a bit of time to see everything.

There are even drag queens! I thought that was a thing that people went to Bangkok for.

I finally found deep fried insects!! It seems kind of strange to buy food from vendors where their food appear to have been just sitting out in the open for hours in the burning heat, but that seems to be the norm here.

Would you like some rubber poop?

When the rainstorm hit, the shopkeepers were fully prepared. We weren’t. I walked around drenched wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

But I don’t think they were prepared for the wind…

My buddy’s YouTube video gives a pretty good tour of the street markets too. Check it out!

Otherwise, that’s it for street markets in Chiang Mai.
See all the photos here

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