Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort in Summer

For some reason, my parents and various uncles and aunts had the idea of going to a ski resort – in the middle of summer.  I guess that’s like going to Whistler Ski Resort in Vancouver during the summer.  No snow, just grass, trees and mountains.  And of course there’s the ski village – that was really nice.

The whole place is a clear tourist town, which makes sense for a ski resort.  In the summer it’s still quite busy (probably way less busy than winter) with tourists everywhere splurging on expensive meals or buying brand name clothing (there are apparently stores for that here).

Some of the summer activities around here are mini golfing and outdoor swimming.  For some it’s eating/drinking, but for us it’s sightseeing.  Sightseeing means taking the free gondola just for kicks.

The trip in general was quite pleasant and relaxing except for the weather being especially hot (but luckily cooler than the day we were in Ottawa).  Kind of a short excursion from Montreal, but I think everyone enjoyed it.

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