Really Basic Android Programming Learning Resources

I’m pretty new to Android development and it was only a few days ago that I got my development environment completely set up.  It’s now time for me to do some real learning.  I’ve put together a list of some learning resources that helped me a lot.

1.  Hello World


It goes through the steps of installing the proper packages in the Android SDK, the fundamentals of using the emulator properly, setting up projects, and the basics of setting up a UI using XML files (loading strings and UI elements from resource files).

2.  Android UI Layout


This tutorial here goes through different ways of laying out the UI with Views, ViewGroups, and Widgets within a given Activity (see link for a definition of the terms).  The code examples on that site pretty much demonstrate how textboxes, buttons, and the like can be added to the screen.

Apart from the links, options also exist for creating Android UI’s with XML.  One is DroidDraw and the other is the plugin inside ADT for Eclipse (just open an .xml file and the UI editor should open).

I found it’s easier to just edit the XML files by hand rather than rely on ADT, although ADT does preview them really well.

3.  Android Developers Website


This isn’t really a tutorial site, but it basically covers everything to do with Android programming.  It basically is a documentation for all the classes with some descriptions on what you can do with it.  Some of the language in it is super technical though.

I didn’t list many sites here because after understanding the content from the first two, it really feels like Android programming becomes super open ended from there.  Depending on what people want to do, the Android Developers site should have information on how.

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