Notes on Computer from A-Link

When installing a hard drive on this computer, do not use the VIA RAID Controller.  Do not use the set of SATA ports on the motherboard that are associated with it.  They are broken.

The computer only operates when the BIOS setting is set to “IDE Operating Mode”.  It should be under the “Chipset” section in the BIOS.

Installing Windows XP requires SATA drivers.  Press F6 when prompted and insert the floppy disk that says “SATA 378 Promise Controller Drivers”.

There seems to have been a piece that broke off from one of the computer components.  It most likely is from the motherboard.  I don’t know what its significance is.  I’ve seen a component exactly like this elsewhere on the motherboard, but I don’t know where it goes.

UPDATE: It looks like the jumper that can be used to reset the CMOS.  By putting this over the two jumper pins, the CMOS is shorted and reset.

Currently running on 1 stick of 512 MB RAM.  The other stick of RAM has an error on it.

Memtest Data:
Test 8
Pass 12
Failing address: 000274931C – 628.1 MB
Good: ffffffff
Bad: fffffff7
Err-bits: 00000008
Count: 1
Char: –

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