Meepo Is the Coolest Hero Ever

Played a 2 v 5 insane AI game with Gary earlier using Meepo.  I ended up getting my end game build at like level 16.  While doing so, I was completely destroying the other team using my combo.  We won the game in only 26 minutes and I was 18-0.  Gary didn’t really do much with Nerubian Assassin.  He was 2-0.  I think I assisted all his kills too. 

Meepo’s combo goes somewhat like this:
e, click, tab, f, click, tab, f, click, tab, e, click, tab, f, click etc etc…

When you’re up close to the enemy, if they’re not being netted or poofed, you’re hitting them with an ultra slow.  Unless they have targetted nukes or AOE spells, Meepo is a crazy good hero…

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